How to book a camper?

If you are happy with our quote and would like to book the Vehicle, please click on the link in the yellow box on the quote. This link will forward you to our secure payment system. While registering, a booking fee of NZD 9 will apply.

After having received your booking request, we will bindingly book the camper for you and send a booking confirmation. We will charge your credit card with the amount of the deposit which is between 12.5% and 20% of the cost for the whole journey. The booking confirmation will also detail on which date your final payment will be due. The final payment is due 40 days prior arrival and will be deducted automatically of your registered credit card (3% credit card fees apply). We also offer bank transfers and Transferwise payments to avoid credit card fees.

How far in advance should I book?

If you are planning on visiting New Zealand during the summer months (November- February), especially during the Christmas and Easter periods, you should book your camper at least half a year in advance. Especially our popular family Vehicles are always booked out early.

Which credit card types do you accept?

We accept VISA and Mastercard (Please note that we do not accept American Express).

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes. Our secure payment system encrypts the number. Neither our staff nor any other parties can access your full credit card details.

Do I have to pay a bond?

The bond equals your insurance excess. We will not deduct the money from your card imprint. We will only debit the excess should you be involved in an accident or if the vehicle is not in the agreed condition.

For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions, clauses 14 and 17.


Where do I collect my Vehicle once I have arrived?

Please find all the information on our transfer page.

How long is the transfer to the Euro Campers branch?


Airport - Branch: approx. 20 minutes


Airport - Depot: 15-20 minutes

How long does it take to collect the vehicle?

Budgy Sleeper: 40 minutes
Budgy Traveller: 45- 50 minutes
Budgy Traveller Plus: 45- 50 minutes
Euro Sleeper: 40 minutes
Euro Hitop: 45- 50 minutes
Euro Twin: 1 hour
2+1 Heron Trio: 1 hour
2+1 Heron: 1 hour
4 Berth Heron: 1 hour 15 minutes
Euro Familia 5: 1 hour 15 minutes
Budgy Familia 6: 1 hour 15 minutes

Please note that these times are estimated time only.


How long does it take to return our Vehicle?

Euro / Budgy Sleeper: 20 minutes
Budgy Traveller: 20 minutes
Budgy Traveller Plus: 20 minutes
Euro Hitop: 20 minutes
Euro Twin: 20-30 minutes
2+1 Heron Trio: 20-30 minutes
2+1 Heron: 20-30 minutes
4 Berth Heron: 20-30 minutes
Euro Familia 5: 20 - 30 minutes
Budgy Familia 6: 20 - 30 minutes

Please note that these times are estimates only and exclude the airport transfer.


What equipment does the vehicle contain?

Please have a look at our Equipment page.

What type of heating do your vehicles have?

Our Hitops and Travellers come with an electric heater which only works when you’re connected to 240 V power, the Twin comes with gas heating.

Our Familia, Trio and Heron models have a diesel heating system which is very efficient because it also heats the back of the camper during your drive. To use it the diesel tank has to be at least half full.

Does the Vehicle come with an automatic or manual transmission?

Sleeper, Twin, Trio, 2+1 Heron, 4 Berth Heron, Familia: automatic transmission

Traveller, Traveller Plus, Hitop: manual transmission

Do your Vehicles use petrol or diesel?

Sleeper, Hitop Traveller, Traveller Plus: Petrol

Familia, Twin, Trio, Heron: Diesel

Can a child-seat or booster seat be fitted into your vehicles?

Up to four child-seats can be fitted in our 6 Berth Budgy Familia, two child seats can be fitted in our Euro Familia 5 and 4 Berth Heron. One child seat or booster can be fitted in the Trio, 2+1 Heron, Hitop, Traveller and Traveller Plus. It is compulsory for all children under 7 and under 148cm in height to be seated in an approved child restraint.

How long will the house battery last?

Most of our vehicles are equipped with a separate house battery which does not drain the engine battery. You can use the battery for 24 - 48 hours without driving or being plugged into mains power. It is recommended that you charge the battery once a day by either driving or plugging it into power. The Sleeper Vans do not have a second house battery and their cool box gets electricity during driving.

In case of an emergency

What do I do if I have an accident?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions, clause 17.

What do I do if the Vehicle breaks down?

Please call our hotline 0800 88 77 01. We will get help on the way for you. If you’re calling outside of business hours, please call the AA for 24 hour roadside assistance.

Please also refer to our Terms and Conditions, clause 11.

What does the Insurance cover?

Please have a look at our insurance info page and at our Terms and Conditions, clauses 8, 13 and 14.

Other questions

Is it possible to get a second set of linen and towels for a long hire?

Yes it is. Just ask our team for it upon pick up.

Can I smoke in your Vehicle?

No. All of our vehicles have a no smoking policy. Failure to adhere to our non-smoking policy will result in hefty fines.

What is the minimum age for drivers?

The minimum hire age for our Sleeper, Traveller and Hitop models is 18 years.

For the Heron, Twin, Trio and Familia models it is 21 years. For drivers between 18-21 years the excess is NZD 2500.

Do I need to apply for an International Drivers Licence?

A full resident country driver license must be presented at collection of the vehicle for each nominated driver. If the license is not in an English format, an international driver’s license is also required, or an accurate translation.

The translation must be provided by:

·       a NZ Transport Agency authorised translation service, or

·       a diplomatic representative at a high commission, embassy or consulate, or

·       the authority that issued your overseas licence.

Your overseas drivers licence must be current and  valid.  This means that your licence must not be suspended, expired or revoked from your country of issue.  For more detailed information, please go the the New Zealand Transport Authority website: www.nzta.govt.nz