Euro Campers offers you a One Price Package. You pay one price and everything is included - no hidden costs. Other rental companies might charge you extra for insurance, equipment like GPS, WiFi Hotspot, child seats and more. But when you get your motorhome from us, you can relax and enjoy your holiday in New Zealand without worrying about follow-up costs. Find out more about what is included in the package on the following pages.

*Road User Recovery Charge

We think it is unfair to include this in our 'One Price Package' as we don't want to over charge people who only travel short distances. So, this way, you are only charged for what you use. The Road User Recovery Fee is charged at exactly the same rate as the Government charges us which is $6.20 per 100km for all vehicles below 3.5 tons and $6.80 for vehicles above 3.5 tons (Familia 5 & 6).

This applies to the following Motorhomes: