Travel at ease knowing you have Vehicle Insurance.  

Euro Campers wants you to have a relaxing holiday without worrying about possible follow-up costs, so you can choose between the following Insurance Options.*

Standard Insurance “Risk Taker”
Excess 3.000-5.000 NZD

“All Good“ Insurance Option
Excess 1.500-2.000 NZD for 15-25 NZD per hire day

“No Worries“ Insurance Option
Excess 0 NZD for 29-44 NZD per hire day

*all Insurance options are capped at a maximum of 50 days and depending on campervan model

In case of an accident, you are covered for:

  • Tyre replacement or repair
  • Windscreen replacement (one incident)
  • 24hr roadside assistance
  • Third party damage
  • Extra driver

All damage that has been done willfully to the vehicle or has been caused by inappropriate use of the vehicle is not covered by insurance.

For more information on exclusions to this insurance, please refer to our terms and conditions, paragraphs 14 and 16.