Freedom Camp and Save Money

All our vehicles carry the Official Self Containment Certification which means it adhers to a set of industry standards issued by the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMCA) to ensure you are camping responsibily. Specifically, our vehicles pose minimal risk to the environment and public health.

This includes:

  • Fresh water supply: 4L per person per day (i.e. minimum 12L per person)
  • A sink
  • Toilet: 1L per person per day (i.e. minimum 3L net holding tank capacity per person)
  • Holding tank: 4L per person per day (i.e. minimum 12L per person ) and monitored if capacity is less than the fresh water tank
  • An evacuation hose
  • A sealable refuse container (with lid)

By carrying this certificate, means that you can Freedom Camp. 

Freedom Camping Locations: by the Act which was passed in 2011 it is defined as “camping within 200m of a road, road end or the low-water line of the sea or harbour.”

The regulations on where camping is permitted differ from council to council, so the Department of Conservation has compiled an overview of places where freedom camping is prohibited or limited to Certified vehicles: DOC Conservation Areas.  

In general you can camp on DOC campgrounds, holiday parks and designated campsites with a public toilet in any vehicle. At designated campgrounds without a public toilet, you will need to be “self-contained”. For those who want to pick their site in advance, a great map to use is this one: Rankers Campgrounds