Major Events in NZ

When travelling New Zealand do not miss to check out some world-class events. There is always something going on around the country so have a look at the list below and find out where and when to find the next event.

  • Sports Events: The Kiwis love doing sports. And they love watching sports. As a result you will be able to find a lot of different sports events all year round. View events

  • Cycling events: Thinking about the great landscape it is no wonder that cycling is very popular in New Zealand. Thanks to new Cycle Ways it is getting even more famous. View events

  • Food and Wine Events: Tasty, fresh, delicious. NZ spreads their culinary flare with a programme of vibrant festivals every year and all year round. View events

  • Art, Culture and Music Events: Discover New Zealand's culture and great art scene. Loose yourself into the music at one of the many festivals around the country. View events