Public Holidays NZ

If you are planning your trip, you should probably be aware that some of your travel may include Public Holidays.  It is no biggie, but some service industries may charge a Public Holiday surcharge, for example, 15% may be added to a restaurant bill.  Also shops and supermarkets, especially in smaller towns and villages, may be shut for the day or close earlier than on normal days.

We also have Regional Anniversary Days.  If you want to check Regional Anniversary days and Public Holidays, please go to

Public Holidays 2019

1 Jan                New Year’s Day

2 Jan                Day after New Year’s Day

28 Jan              Auckland Anniversary Day (Auckland branch only)

6 Feb               Waitangi Day

19 April           Easter - Good Friday

22 April             Easter Monday

25 April           ANZAC Day

3 June              Queen’s Birthday

28 Oct              Labour Day

15 Nov             Canterbury Anniversary Day (Christchurch branch only)

25 Dec             Christmas Day

26 Dec             Boxing Day

Public Holidays 2020: Public Holidays Website